Hi 👋 My name is Alex and I'm A Developer

🧐 Currently focusing on Typescript and AWS.
I have already had a deep interest in computing, with age this interest has evolved into a genuine passion. Building software/stuff that solves a genuine problem is the main criteria for any project I undertake.
I would describe myself as keen, open to ideas and hungry for knowledge; When I’m not at work trying to build/fix something you will probably find me reading up on how to build better software; That or developing upon personal projects.
I have been very lucky with all of my positions to date; I have been exposed to every level of application development & delivery. I feel this has given me what I would consider to be an advantage over most. Luckily I realised early on in my carer that programming is only one segment of a project’s pipeline, Good communication and co-ordination can elevate a good project into greatness.

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Senior Engineering Manager (Core platform)

022022 - Present

  • Lead the research and adoption of the our new SAAS ecom provider (Commercetools)
  • Worked with product and senior leadership to define long term platform goals in coordination with other objectives
  • Spearheaded initiatives to bring more effective monitoring (Dynatrace)
  • Implemented cross team hackathons
  • Pushed for full adoption of Serverless technologies (AWS Lamdba)
  • Worked with other senior leadership to define team structures and ways or working
  • Javascript, Typescript


Engineering Manager

042019 - 022022

When I joined Photobox I was tasked with leading a team dedicated to customer feature development and experiment rollouts, However I quickly transitioned the team into a core platform team after identifying a number of more critical issues with the platform that would provide more value to both end customers and all other teams woking on the platform.
  • Lead the migration of the companies new React based web app
  • Regular 1-2-1 session with team members
  • Javascript, Typescript
  • Worked with product to plan quarterly and yearly OKR's
  • Worked with junior engineers to define paths of progression and yearly goals
  • Defined and implemented new integration of core orchestration service (Graphql) to new Typescript service
  • Owned migration of the new company wide orchestration service (Graphql) across all clients (web and app)
  • Assisted with the adoption of RFC's for new feature rollouts
  • Pushed for full adoption of Serverless technologies (AWS Lamdba)
  • Pushed for full adoption of Typescript across all backend applications
  • Worked with all Javascript tech teams to adopt common design patterns and ways of working
  • Implemented efficient working practises with non technical teams (trading, marketing) leading to scalable processes
  • Created company wide developer guild to effectively collate know issues and work towards better cross team collaboration
  • Implemented cross team secondments to better share knowledge

Kingfisher Digital

Lead developer / Full Stack Developer

082017 - 042019

Over my two year tenure I was 1 of 5 lead developer’s within Kingfisher Digital’s digital Hub, managing up to 50 developer’s across a shared hierarchy.
The projects were varied; my primary focus was expanding the React/Typescript & Express/Typescript oriented stack’s we had deployed across our various front and backend estates. The most interesting project was when my team was tasked with implementing Augmented reality using ARKIT within the core B&Q IOS app.
I was also been involved in all levels of conversation across the digital platform; Solution design, Systems architecture, Staffing, Tooling, Vendor sign offs & System operation’s.
  • Implemented AR enable products within the IOS application
  • Created internal model management system for aforementioned AR enabled products
  • Spearheaded adoption of new React front end from Angular 2
  • Created a number of Typescript API's and React apps.
  • Worked alongside external 3rd parties (Accenture, Equal experts) to ensure consistency across teams.
  • Javascript, Typescript, Swift

SecureData Europe

Full Stack Software Engineer

062013 - 082017

This was a broad role, Initially the team was small with only three members; but over the course of 4 years it expanded to seven developers. My team was focused on software to secure customer’s estates along side internal system. Unofficially I undertook a hybrid development & Devops role.
For the first year in the role I was the lead for our entire technology stack and allocation of team projects before a dedicated development manage was brought it to assist with the team’s continued expansion

Gaming Media Group

Web developer

112012 - 062013

During my tenure at Gaming media group I was tasked with integrating with their third party platform provider. This was mainly a frontend role but I was also tasked with building and maintaining a number of PHP services and also implemented a custom podcast CMS which was used to create feeds that could be consumed by various 3rd party podcast platforms.